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Two meanings:

1. Legendary backsliding dance move, perfected and made famous at the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever concert in 1983 by Michael Jackson and most commonly associated with his hit 'Billie Jean' as that is the song he first performed it to.

2. The name of Michael Jackson's 1988 autobiography.

Later adapted into the use of the word Moonwalker to describe a Michael Jackson fan alongside the names Soldiers Of Love (#SoldiersOfLove), MJFam and Jacksoneros.

Also not to be confused with Moonwalker which is also the name of Michael Jackson's 1988 movie comprised of alternate/extended music videos and short films.
'WOW, did you see that clip of Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk?!'

'Just finished reading Moonwalk and cried about how much I love Michael Jackson.'
by gingerneyeliner May 31, 2014

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