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A linux based operating software used by mediocre and advanced hackers for wifi password hacking and security breach research.
I just used backtrack to crack my own wep key. Better use a wpa password to make it harder to crack.
by Xailar January 14, 2011
In video games backtracking is when you have to move through 'finished' areas which you already went through to be able to progress.
All this backtracking sucks! Couldn't the level designers place the red door closer to the red key?
by qubodup September 19, 2010
Breaking the unwritten rule of pacifism between the attackers in a capture the flag game of a first person shooter.
OMG this is a fps where u have to capture the flag and u kill the enemy who's taking my flag but that u can't do it omg BACKTRACK
by Frederik Dombrecht April 06, 2003

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