Evocative of the lunatic fringe, the phrase began existence as a disparaging slur against the "Far Left;" however, due increasing polarization within United States, and an ever-shifting culture war, the term has come to denote virtually anyone with a "liberal agenda," or an aversion to McCarthyism. It is also used within a condescending framework in reference to young, perhaps inexperienced, political dissenters.

While no doubt extremists do exist, the casual disregard for alternative viewpoints, and the implied disdain for Constitutional dissent which simmers beneath its surface, is far more disturbing to the average political theorist than any Leftist dogma, extremist or otherwise, yet to surface.
"Don't call him a 'Commie pinko,' Dad--call him a 'moonbat.' Awww...look--he's cryin'! Maybe he'll go hug a tree."
by Rev. Christian Martyn February 04, 2005
"Bat", of course, refers to members of the order chiroptera (with some contending that the "megachiroptera" of South America should be classified as primates), strange and wonderful animals which are beneficial to humanity. Intelligent, well-educated liberals recognize bats as an asset, and seek to encourage them through environmental protection, including the building of bathouses on the outsides of their homes. The ignorant and superstitious hate and fear bats, and can think of no worse insult than to compare people they also hate and fear (out of ignorance) to bats.

"Moon" refers to Earth's primary natural sattelite, which humans visited for a brief period thanks to a massive liberal spending program. The scientific and technological benefits of the Apollo Project were immense, and would have been far greater if the program had not been killed by a right-wing administration that wanted to spend that money on a futile foreign war. Thus, the Moon is, like bats, symbolic of liberalism and all the benefits it brings to a culture, and naturally will be an object of hatred and fear to the Right.

Combine the two and you get "Moonbat"; environmental good sense, scientific curiosity, prosperity for all and the triumph of knowledge over traditional superstition. In short, all the things that enemies of civilization like Osama bin Laden and Pat Robertson hate most.
I support as continued ban on DDT because I am a moonbat.
by John M. Burt April 17, 2005
A whale saving, pot smoking, tree hugging, often long-haired, often unshowered lefty. Granola crunchers are prone to wearing socks with any variety of sandals and smoking themselves retarded while believing that alcohol is the devil. They will also often be vegetarian, crying for the life of a chicken while being pro abortion. Also, see granola cruncher
The moon-bats in Boston spent all of their granola money on John Kerry pins and banners only to wait in the cold for him through the night.
by BobbyB June 17, 2005
term used by those on the extreme political right wing (known as "wingnuts") to describe anyone who disagrees with their bizarre, fascistic world view. Used, despite the fact that it makes absolutely no sense, because they could not come up with a word or phrase as appropriately descriptive as "wingnut."
"What a bunch of moonbats!" cried the hooded Klansman, as the anti-Klan protesters marched down the street.
by snooky b April 12, 2005
In order of increasing severity or moonbatiness:
1) A person who adamantly holds a particular opinion for no other reason than that's what their organization, friends or family members believe.
2) A person who makes up facts and data to support their argument because they are unwilling to consider that they may be wrong.
3) A person who gives very vague unverifiable references to scientific or authoritative sources to browbeat people of opposite views into submission. (Generally because they are arguing points that they cannot support with verifiable data. See #2)
4) People who support causes that have no verifiable benefit and in fact may cause more unintended damage or harm than the original problem.

1) Both Muslim and Christian crusaders could be considered moonbats.
2) Partisan politician that fights for their Party regardless of what is best for the country or their constituents.
3) Both sides of the global warming argument have their moonbats.
4)Activists who fight to shut down a nuclear power plant which then must be replaced by four coal or oil burning power plants that produce acid rain and green house gases are definitely moonbats.
by Keith Breinholt March 15, 2007
n. A word used by hard-line conservatives to refer to liberals. A fairly silly portmanteau of the words "moon" and "bat," it might be meant to indicate "batting at the moon" as an analogy to attempting to achieve unachievable or unrealistic goals. In general, however, use of this word marks the user himself as the insane, or at the very least, silly, one.
Oh my god, can you believe those moonbats protesting against warrantless wiretaps of Murrikans? Why can't they just obey everything their president does?!?
by SkidMarkyMark July 13, 2008
An person of african-american descent who comes out at night to steal from you.
I had the my ipod in my truck, but some moonbat smashed my window and stole it from me.
by Alabama Tom November 16, 2008

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