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Shoes that make you bounce. Popular in the 90's they are still selling today but I don't know if people still buy them for their children today
I'm having a mid-life crisis, so I'm putting on my moon shoes and acting like I'm 10 agian
by DizzyLizzy January 23, 2007
Superhero bouncy shoes that you wear during a Beer OH-lympic tournament. They increase accuracy on beer pong, speeds up your flip cup time, and most importantly they make your stomach bigger so you can chug more beer!
"Dude Chris, XBX just showed up in Moon Shoes! We are f*%ked, they gonna take it down for the third time in a row!"
by Scootto January 25, 2008
You can buy a pair of moon shoes at your local shoe store for a good price. The purpose of this product is to "bounce all over your girl."
Dude 1 - I just bounced all over my girl with my new moon shoes

Dude 2 - Nice, now I have to get my new moon shoes
by Ilovemoonshoes123098 December 16, 2013
When you're so high you feel like you're in space.
John smoked 2 ounces of weed, that fucker is definately wearing his moon shoes.
by Kronik Hit November 25, 2010
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