when some one with long hair gets their head shaven with a mach 3, they can be called moon pie
"hey look at that ass, hes gone from a long haired bas to a moon pie"

"hey moon pie"
by la la January 29, 2005
When having anal sex with someone, the person on the pitching side does'nt pull out while the one on the catching side gets a moonpie. You know when you cum in a chick thats called a creampie? Well Moon = Butt.
"Dude she finally let me put it in her ass." "yeah bruh be sure to give her a moon pie"
by BuddytheGreat April 24, 2008
a sex act consisting of a man jerking off , catching the load in his hand and having the woman kneel before him and lick the cum from his hand
i gave her the moon pie
by grendle September 13, 2007
When a couple is in the 69 position, but they suck poop out of eachothers' buttholes, then proceed to kissing and exchanging it, and ultimately swallowing it.
My mouth stank last night after we did a moonpie.
by Midnightwaffles January 07, 2011
Sex act containing a woman (who has lost a conciderable amount of weight quickly so her skin is loose) Whilst having her pussy eaten the vagina and the Ass hole are squeezed together as to make it possible to get them both in the eaters mouth at the same time.
Guy#1 - Dude I totally fucked jessica last night!

Guy#2 - You mean the fat chick?

Guy#1 - No, she lost alot of weight dude...I gave her a moon pie!

Guy#2 - Wow. Starfish and the kitty in your mouth at the same time, way to go bro!
by Shawn_juan August 23, 2008
A kiss from your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Yay! I got a moonpie from my cuddlebear!
by Isabelle December 16, 2004
When your loved one has claimed you for their own, and no one else can dip their fingers into the pie...
T: Your my moonpie and nobody else gets to have a slice of you!

by T_E August 14, 2015
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