When you "moon" someone without having wiped your ass completely so that there is still some shit smeared on your anus.
Hey, you guys! Andrew just took a wicked dump and is going to going to give that group of girl scouts a moonpie!
by Creamycakefilling December 15, 2010
A rarely utilized yet hilarious slang term for hallucinogenic mushrooms, or shrooms. Derived from the feeling of separation from mental and physical being during peak onset of the herb.
Dude remember the first time we tried moon pies and though we stumbled upon bowser's castle from super mario but it was just an old church? That was nuts.
by journeyman69 April 03, 2007
A leftwing Tin foil hat wearing fool so blind he/she can't beleive anything said or even seen with there own eyes!
Whatever you say there Moonpie!
by TARKUS123a August 10, 2006
When someone takes a dump on someone's property (car, front lawn, etc.). It is an add on to the word "moon", which refers to exposing one's rear end. The pie aspect is the product of the exposed rear end.
Go moon pie that guys front lawn.
by Daryn June 10, 2005
n. A drink deal combo consisting of 3 beers and 1 shot of jagermeister. Usually bought at a good bar on a good night.
Hook me up with a moonpie.
by shizer twigstick July 28, 2004
Someone who thinks they're your best friend when you really can't stand them; someone overly eager, almost crazily worshiping the ground you walk upon; can also be a stalker.

Sometimes they can be people who tell you how amazing you are, but still like to point out every single flaw and then add something like, "But I still love you" or "But you're still absolutely gorgeous!"

Someone socially retarded.

Also can be referred to as autogoober or a really obnoxious kid.

The most annoying about moonpies is when they say "I love you," especially if you say "I love you too" automatically.
Moonpie: Oh my gosh! Do you pluck your eyebrows?
Victim: Eh...moderately? I mean, I do so I don't get a gross unibrow or whatever.
Moonpie: Oh my god, they're so perfect. You're perfect. Oh...except those three hairs right there.
Victim: Umm.
Moonpie: Can I hug you!?
Victim: I guess...
Moonpie: I love you!
Victim: I lo--Thank you.
Moonpie: I'm not annoying you, am I?
Victim (coughs): No. Why would you think that?
Moonpie: We should hang out sometime!
Victim: Uh, OK.
by IAreGirl June 10, 2009
While doing a girl doggy style, pull out and blow your load in her crack then smash her butt cheeks together.
Man, i gave her a moon pie last night, then said "don't move... i'll get you a towel.
by Chad O May 03, 2008
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