If someone is in possesion of something you really want, you moofie it and its yours to keep.. no if ands or buts.
Lauren: yo let me get that lighter
Caitlin: here ya go (hands her the lighter)
Caitlin: aw man =(
by PMafia June 16, 2006
Top Definition
Adjective: quintessential cuteness; squeezably adorable; usually pertaining to animals, babies, or old people; fuzzy; Adverb: acting selflessl
That fuzzy puppy is so moofy I want to squeeze it; That old lady with the fluffy white hair is moofy; Thanks for remembering my birthday - that was moofy of you.
by A moofy person May 03, 2010
Fan-name for Wrath of Fullmetal Alchemist before he went evil and crazy.
Everyone loves Moofy, but hates Wrath.
by RockyJ September 14, 2005
a baby with chubby gopher cheeks that gets away with naughty/destructive things because they are too cute to be punished and know it
The moofy broke my favorite necklace but i gave her a cookie for giving me that moofy look again.
by kdav1488 December 30, 2009
Being very moody and goofy at the same time.
Bob: "Hey guys what's up?"
Joe: "Nothing much Buttercup."
Bob: "What the crap was that saying."
Joe: "Well fine then. Forget you."
Bob; "Dang your freakin moofy right now!"
Joe: "What ever Dude just kidding."
by bergie404 October 08, 2011
calling dibs on a fine female, similar to calling shotgun for the front seat of a car
That girl is cute moofies
by John Francisco April 15, 2007
1.(adj.)A little bit of meek and a whole lot of goofy 2. To be much cooler than meek(n.)-the coolest person you will ever know(v.)-"to moof" - to carry on as a motorboatin' son of a bitch.
Miss New Booty is very moofy and also knows how to moof.
Meek only wishes he was as cool as Moofy.
by Miss New Booty March 17, 2006
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