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5 definitions by Zabad

The name of a mythical creature that wreaks havoc on modems and other computer network components. A computer gremlin.

See aslo moofed
We knew Moofie was on the loose when suddenly people started disappearing from chat.
by Zabad July 08, 2005
1. To be bumped off-line for no apparent reason. Expression said to be derived from the acronym “moof” = modem operation foul-up.

2. To be plagued by a mythical creature called a moofie which causes modem and other network problems.
When John suddenly disappeared from chat, we assumed he had been moofed.
by Zabad July 08, 2005
1. A psychological condition that afflicts male online chat room users and role game players in which they believe they actually are the anthropomorphic humanoids they pretend to be.
2. Steorra’s Syndrome similar condition afflicting female online chat room users and role game players.
Weosule's Syndrome became epidemic when chat rooms and role playing game became available on the internet.
He was diagnosed with Weosule's Syndrome shortly after growing fur and a tail.
by Zabad March 24, 2004
1. The male of a race of furry or anthropomorphized animal created by a certain Dr. Mordecai by blending jaguar with human DNA. The first Felino known by name is El Tigre who appears in the novel Cat Karina by Michael G. Coney.
2. The female of this race is called a Felina.
Felinos, although large and fearsome, are generally easy-going. Felinas are smaller, highly aggressive and competitive. They are most often found hunting in all female prides.
by Zabad March 24, 2004
1. The nick of the first role game player to be diagnosed with Weosule’s Syndrome. Weosule believed he was a weasel-like humanoid with brown fur and beady black eyes.
2. The name given to any male afflicted with Weosule’s Syndrome.
He has been playing online Dungeons and Dragons for so long that he has become a weosule.
When he started licking his paws and washing his whiskers in chat we knew he had to be a weosule.
by Zabad March 24, 2004