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1. To be bumped off-line for no apparent reason. Expression said to be derived from the acronym “moof” = modem operation foul-up.

2. To be plagued by a mythical creature called a moofie which causes modem and other network problems.
When John suddenly disappeared from chat, we assumed he had been moofed.
by Zabad July 08, 2005
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SWAGG, Swavey
When i buy an exclusive outfit im considered moofed. swagg
by jude telfort July 27, 2011
When a girl promises/offers a guy sexual favors over the internet, usually via AIM or another instant messenger, but never makes good on it.
Guy 1: "Why the long face?"
Guy 2: "Shannon never came through..."
Guy 1: "Oh dude, you got moofed"
by MrTryker July 15, 2010

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