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1.A little Korean Pie/Pastry made of grass and herbs.

2. A term used between two people of utmost comfort to get the others attention.

3.A secret language created by a duo to confuse others and therefore make those around them just that much crazier.

4. An orgasmic word shouted during climax
"Is that moofi tasting good?"


"Moo Moo Moofi?"

by Moofiman24 September 17, 2007
7 11
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, basically anything you want...

Essentially, "moofi" is anything and everything you can imagine. It's most commonly used in exclamation. Phrases like "I'll tell Moofi..." and "that's so moofi" are just fun to say. It doesn't really mean anything in particular, which is why it's so useful.
Person 1: hey, wasn't that your boyfriend just talking to that other girl??
Person 2: um... I'll tell Moofi about you and that one girl...
Person 1: MOOFI.
by Pretty Emily August 01, 2004
3 13