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Only the coolest toy you can give your child for Christmas. Every child wants them. But don't bother with the child proof ones, they are not fun.
Mom: I just bought Timmy the scissors he wanted and He is s happy.
#2 Mom: Wow! Suzzy had hers for two days and she cut her finger off.
Mom:Wow she must really love them!
by bergie404 December 11, 2011
(Anal Shaft Driving Syndrome)
When a man is so infatuated with the idea of anal sex, he is constanty talking about it, practicing on stuffed animals, and watching porn just so he can get it right.
(music playing on radio:
A$$ by Big Sean)

Jerry: Dude! I love this song!!
Herbert: Jerry stop it before you get ASDS!
Jerry: Don't worry, I won't fall off the deep end like Fred.

Meanwhile Fred's House....
Fred: Awwwwww Yeahhhh (he exclaims as he rapes the back end on a teddy bear for practice)
by bergie404 March 31, 2012
Being very moody and goofy at the same time.
Bob: "Hey guys what's up?"
Joe: "Nothing much Buttercup."
Bob: "What the crap was that saying."
Joe: "Well fine then. Forget you."
Bob; "Dang your freakin moofy right now!"
Joe: "What ever Dude just kidding."
by bergie404 October 08, 2011
A term used to describe a basketball shot that completly looks stupid and misses the goal completly causing shame for your team.
Announcer: Shot goes up....and it misses. Wow! that was a flurk.
Announcer #2: I would not want to be wearing that jersey.
by bergie404 December 10, 2011

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