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The name of a mythical creature that wreaks havoc on modems and other computer network components. A computer gremlin.

See aslo moofed
We knew Moofie was on the loose when suddenly people started disappearing from chat.
by Zabad July 08, 2005
53 25
Someone you care for very much. Usually someone cuddly.
It's been such a long time since I saw my moofie.
by Adriana March 12, 2005
39 23
A cross between a muffin and a cookie, but impossible to make.
After trying for days to make a moofie, her oven exploded.
by Liliacam April 02, 2008
28 16
Stencils for your intimate designs down there. MOOFIE - Shape it in style.
Till moofie makes you cry for more.... :)
by Nancys beauty secrets January 29, 2010
14 7
The residual mildewy smell remaining on laundry if not dried properly.
"I'm sorry if I smell moofie, I left my hoodie in the washer too long." "These towels smell moofie, I didn't dry them long enough."
by Boda August 14, 2012
4 1
It's the way Arnold Schwarzenegger says 'movie'.
Governator: "...my moofie tweens..."
by 01DOGG01 May 28, 2009
9 12
A Damn Fine Girl Tht Dresses Like A Guy:P
Also known As Merida Hahaa:P
Ally; "Tht Girl Is Damn Fine"

Brittaniee; "Yaah ii know shes sooo MOOFIE! x)
by Ally+Brittaniee September 26, 2008
7 23