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To fuck a technology teacher during study hall
Rishi and I were moofing in the office.
by techiekid January 22, 2010
Master Of Organised Fun
"This night out has Moof written all over it."
"Yer it is really well organised."
by number16 April 10, 2013
The bark of a dogcow.
Clarus says "moof"
by finder_error September 17, 2002
When you are completey exhausted and Moof is the only humanly audible thing you can blurt out of your mouth
by FoF September 16, 2003
the noise you make after secks
<phyrearms> moof that was fun
by warpedminds January 19, 2003
Hatty Carver
Hatty Carver is a moof.
by NotAMoof December 17, 2012
A silly short canadian who's more trouble than she's worth.
Margot is a marauding muffin miscreant moof
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