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A stir-fried Chinese dish of shredded meat, scallions, tiger lily buds, wood ears, scrambled eggs, and seasonings that is rolled into thin pancakes and served with sauce; also written moo-shu, moo shoo, moo-shoo.
Moo shu is like a chinese burrito.
by FatMonkey December 31, 2004
this is another term for pussy. it comes from the food moo shu pork, which tastes very good. hence, the name moo shu for pussy.
man, i'm trying to get some moo shut tonight!
by jah rock January 16, 2006
any one of the couch-dwelling computer gamers indigenous to Georgia. a typical mooshu's life consists of waking up around 12 pm everyday, raging some face in local pubs, then getting stoned and watching tv on a couch, which they build from wood and cotton picked by their MoGGa slaves.
mooshu is a penguin
by a//coKe January 27, 2004
Animal feces that have been stepped on by someone wearing shoes.
Look at that mooshu you just stepped in!
by LOLRAT March 13, 2006
realy super hot girls who u dnt have much chance with but jus wanna look at
man there was some moo shu comming out of the universite to day
by anticon February 01, 2005
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