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The male equivalent of a siren. A monkeyrooster has all of the best qualities that a woman looks for in a partner. To be called a monkeyrooster is to be paid the highest of compliments
You might be a little hasty but by god you're gorgeous, infact I'd even go so far as to call you a monkeyrooster
by rudegirl April 21, 2004
a negligent mother hatching her only little brood of insolent social maniacs.
we arched our necks around the metal wreckage of twenty or more salvage cars in the drive way, observing three of the dirty little spawn playing with broken glass and falling out of trees.
by mercedes April 23, 2004
My bitch.
Get out the KY you dirty little skank monkeyrooster.
by Jungle April 21, 2004
an impulsive creature with many same sex admirers.
Mating ritual of the admirer is to imitate the monkeyrooster, until the mammal is weak and easily intruded.
<monkeyr00ster> i hate you
<monkeyrooster> *rolls over and presents*
by Chillinmink April 20, 2004
someone who is fool hardy and acts without thinking
I'm not marrying her, I've only known her two weeks and I aint no monkeyrooster
by J2R April 20, 2004
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