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4 definitions by rudegirl

The male equivalent of a siren. A monkeyrooster has all of the best qualities that a woman looks for in a partner. To be called a monkeyrooster is to be paid the highest of compliments
You might be a little hasty but by god you're gorgeous, infact I'd even go so far as to call you a monkeyrooster
by rudegirl April 21, 2004
short for "rock on"; an excited stament made after a vicotry.
"I was first in line at the hanson reunion concert"
by rudegirl March 30, 2004
two-tone ska
(i.e.) rude boys; rude girls
by RudeGirl February 11, 2004
possibly derogatory term for one who listens to, dances to, and/or plays ska music.
"Ska pussy!"
"Yeah, what of it?"
by RudeGirl February 11, 2004