To conduct love making in a manner that is wild, passionate, animalistic, and perhaps even humorous. Lovemaking as a primitive, resonant visceral experience.

(Mutual fulfillment seems to be a key component of monkeylove, versus a rape or mindless coitus in which only the guy gets anything out of it.)

Somewhat related to the idea in the Cool & The Gang song, "Jungle Boogy".
she came over and we made sweet, torrid monkeylove
by MNO September 02, 2004
Top Definition
Crazy animalistic sex requiring acrobatic poise... can also be termed monkey lovin'.
When the doctor asked how I sprained my back I replied, "from all the monkey lovin' last night... uNF!!!!!!!!!!!"
by BaNgaia April 19, 2005
Cinta monyet in Indonesian, a youthful love or first love equivalent to Western puppy love
Desi: Ibu, aku gugup tentang Ana. Aku pikirkan dia punya cinta monyet bersama dengan aku.
Fika, : Putri Desi, jangan gugup! Hanya mencoba lalu melihat kalau kamu suka...
by ChiJoker October 10, 2004
human sexual relations with a monkley
"any hobbies?"
"what are they?"
by jim May 07, 2005
Love for craziness.

Monkey's are crazy animals. Almost as crazy as space bats. Are they not funny how they prance around? Almost like humans but not quite.

Monkey love is the love of craziness. You should use it when intoxicated with friends, hugging each other, drinking ale and screaming "Yeah Monkey Love, yeah baby Yeah gotta love thy monkey".
1) Yeah Monkey Love, yeah baby Yeah gotta love thy monkey.

2) Monkey loooooooove yeah! Whoooo yeah. Come on. Pass the ale
by dotoowam March 25, 2005
Monkeylove is referred to as gay sex between two guys.
Did you hear gay Johnny talking about all the monkeylove he got last night.
by Captain Spanky July 28, 2006
The act of grooming one's mate in the manner of a primate. For example, popping a zit or picking a scab from the body of one's mate.
"You've got a little sleep in your eye - here, let me get it."

"Thanks for the monkey love!"
by Princess Poston November 15, 2007
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