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the French pronunciation of monkey,
a la "Inspector Clouseau" of
"Pink Panther" movies fame.
"You're an ass minkey!"
by Tom S. February 17, 2004
A crafty, mischievous girl. Usually good-looking and prefers to hangs out in a pack of other minkeys. Has an affinity for bright purple coats, perfume, and brunch.
Minkey 1: Do you want to get some brunch?
Minkey 2: Only if it's free
Minkey 1: It's already been paid for by that european man in the corner
Minkey 2: You're such a minkey!
by Nithycaketh January 16, 2012
A cow's udder.
When drawn, it usually has a smiley face.
Woahhh, look at that cow's huge minkey!
by Squishy Moomarr June 13, 2010
Like a filthy little monkey, only better.
she's a proper filthy little minkey
by mega March 28, 2004
a human with anthropoid traits
he is a minkey
by uben cho July 10, 2008
a shaven monkey with tattoo's who gets drunk and fights with broken bottles!
check out my minkey its all drunk and stuff
by Jon Newbrook June 14, 2004
A girl monkey.
That chick is one crazy minkey.
by Alex January 21, 2004
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