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Breakfast sausage or sausage links. This term is used in military chow halls and prisons.
Let's cook eggs and monkey dicks for breakfast.
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
Colorful term for a Vienna sausage, probably military slang. Compare to foreskins on toast.
Let's open a can of monkey dicks. I'm in the mood for pig in a blanket.
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
a bluetooth headset in some ones ear.
bluetooth guy: "Yes Jim, We are hitting an all time record on the charts! We should celebrate with crumpets and tea my lad."

random guy: "Hey dude, are you talking to me?"

bluetooth guy: "No sir, I am not, I am on the phone."

random guy: "You don't look like you're on the phone, pull that Monkey Dick out of your ear you fag!"

bluetooth guy: "Oh my, how atrocious you are! *faints*"
by niggerama February 27, 2008
A penis that is long but skinny or thin. A monkey dick is generally considered to be undesirable and can be used as an insult.
1. John has a monkey dick, ewwwwww man!

2. Dont be such a monkey dick.

3. Wow, you're such a fag I bet you have a monkey dick.

4. What did it look like. Well, he had a monkey dick.
by Waster Faceter October 08, 2010
Someone who resembles or acts like the pizzle of a monkey.
That guy is such a monkeydick
by Dave February 01, 2005
A black man's cock that is around 12 inches or longer.
Cam: Yonna loves them monkey dicks
Chris: I can believe that for how loose that mother fuckin kitty is.
Paige: Cam i hear u have a MD?
Cam: Maybe maybe not!!!
by Cameron Siebenmark July 10, 2008
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