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5 definitions by niggerama

A festival of niggerdom
Man I was walking in the park and stopped because i smelt fried chicken, i looked over to the right and saw some niggerama.
by niggerama January 12, 2008
a bluetooth headset in some ones ear.
bluetooth guy: "Yes Jim, We are hitting an all time record on the charts! We should celebrate with crumpets and tea my lad."

random guy: "Hey dude, are you talking to me?"

bluetooth guy: "No sir, I am not, I am on the phone."

random guy: "You don't look like you're on the phone, pull that Monkey Dick out of your ear you fag!"

bluetooth guy: "Oh my, how atrocious you are! *faints*"
by niggerama February 27, 2008
drunk talk for - Fucking Dumbest
Late night at a strip club, after a few drinks....

Chody: "Dude what if your sister quit college to become a stripper here?"

Fat Cobe: "Man, I would beat her ass"

Chody: "Yeah, that would be the fuckest dumbest thing she ever did"

Fat Cobe: "Did you just say fuckest dumbest?"

Chody: "Hahaha, yeah I did, I meant fucking dumbest"
by niggerama January 26, 2008
Rape Intimidate Steal Kill , can be used to describe a person/place/thing.
"Man I was in my car with my girl smoking a fattie, and all the sudden there was a gang of R.I.S.K. outside my car trying to take my weed and fuck my lady !"
by niggerama March 13, 2009
when your girl is so horny she creates cotton cheese in her panties.
"Man my girl was so horny, When I took her panties off to eat that muff there was loads of cotton cheese in them' panties"
by niggerama July 08, 2009