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The action where one male feels intimidated by the presense of another male while in the company of a female (or potential partner) and puffs his chest out as a form of peacocking.
When I met NayNay at the game, her boy Micah totally Mongoosed me. Like I'm a threat to take NayNay away.
#mongoosed #peacocking #threat #chest #puff
by NewGuy311 May 15, 2010
To experience overwhelming feelings of amazement, astonishment surprise, happy shock, dumbfounded-ness, the sight of a mongoose... or other people, places, or things that bring about such feelings described above.
I was mongoosed when I happened upon a one-eyed, albino, and rabid hamster in my path on the way to bible study.
#amazement #astonishment #surprise #shock #dumbfounded
by Jill Abell March 29, 2008
to be drunk beyond all states of be drunk to the point where one sees oneself able to do anything, for example kill/eat snakes
"i went out last night and got completely mongoosed. now i think ill eat some snakes"
by kush agrawal March 20, 2005
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