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Based on the often offensively used word mong.

1. To be in a state of unfocussed frenzy.

2. To be in a relaxed and docile state.
1. "Whoaa, did you see Nev after 14 bottles of Bud? Biggest, worstest mong out I seen for a while."

2. "Hey guys, let's get a spliff going and mong out in front of the TV."
by Lord Ass June 28, 2005
To be so stoned you can't move or think straight
-Hey I guess we should go to this party then?
-Fuck that lets just smoke the rest and mong out to Takeshi's Castle and drum 'n' bass, there's a double-bill at 4:20am

-Hey where've you been?

-Sorry we were just watching this new District 9 shit
-Oh yeah, whats it about?

by no, you motherfucking, cannot October 05, 2009
One of many types of weed available for purchase in your local community. Mongout is a word that can describe any weed that hits you straight away (rather than sneaking up on you) and puts you in a state of complete haze
Clive: What kind of weed is this Abraham?
Abraham (tokes to find out): ...............mmmmmmmmmmm!
Clive: I'm guessing it's Mongout then
by Aidan Brooks January 09, 2006
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