a half white half spanish child
"Look at the cute little molo."
by Kaila Sanborn February 08, 2009
A Quebecer french expression, meaning going easy and slowly with something.
Vas-y molo
by slavigne September 19, 2008
Missionary Only - Lights Out. A woman or man who is so lame in bed, they will only indulge in the most boring of sexual activities, and only with the lights off.
I dated her for a while, but she didn't want to try any new positions or do it with the lights on, damn MOLO.
by Sparker-VA August 20, 2005
A very angry revolutionary who also eats babies.
Molo has an ak-47 in the trunk of his car.
by Bob Marley January 31, 2005
Shortened version of "Mothalova". Similar to the relationship "Mofo" and "Motherfucker" share.
"Yo Dae-kwon where ma 40 at?" "I told you Tyrone i gotta cop a dub befo i pick up yo 40." "Aight, just dont be frontin molo."
by Hollaback1212 January 12, 2009
to sexually go down on a partner who has pubic hair. Mow Low.
Damn that bitch Mow Low'd me good.
by ono December 04, 2002
1. offbrand of the famed Rolo chocolate candy.

2. Generic
boy kmart sure is molo.
by ono December 04, 2002
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