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One who ignores all other duties to above all else, defend ones own collectors, by any means possible, even at the the hands of sacraficing teammates.
7thCulthero: Uh, soul, a little help?
Soulblighter101: I can't, im guarding my collectors.
by ono December 04, 2002
the jiggling of a fat persons belly when they giggle.
did you see the fat man squiggle when he giggled?
by ono December 04, 2002
to sexually go down on a partner who has pubic hair. Mow Low.
Damn that bitch Mow Low'd me good.
by ono December 04, 2002
1. offbrand of the famed Rolo chocolate candy.

2. Generic
boy kmart sure is molo.
by ono December 04, 2002

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