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The biggest pimp and the ultimate example of leetness.
Dude molasses is one big fucking pimp.
by PIMP MOLASSES February 01, 2004
A thick, dark, syrupy substance made by boiling the juice of the sugar cane plant. With a great taste and plenty of iron and calcium, it's superior to table sugar and most sweeteners in just about every way.
Molasses is good in coffee.
by red_beard_neo April 05, 2004
A person with not many athletic abilities in the discipline of track and field.
Man that Kieran sure is molasses.
by Alex.Flash June 17, 2011
A person who eats so slow that molasses seems faster or equal to their consumption rate.
Laura, you're such a molasses!
by Laurel52 July 23, 2008
A slang word for cum or semen.
The girl's cooch was so tight that I was bustin' blackberry molasses in no time!
by D. Arse July 23, 2006