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Medal Of Honor: The only WW2 FPS worth playing. With multiple expansion packs, customizeable maps, Free Internet play, etc.
by PythonSpam October 23, 2003
Male Office Hottie as defined in the play "Water Cooler" - an office musical created by Thomas Micahel Allen and Sally Allen.
Good looking guy in the office is referred to as a MOH - "male office hottie".
by Bob Aguppie June 21, 2006
A MOH is:

a) The acronym for Maid of Honor.

b) Someone who you can always rely on; a good friend.

c)You can call your MOH a panoch and she will not be insulted but she will find it filarious and laugh.
Marisa will you be my MOH?
by Cme December 02, 2005
a noise made by a gerbil whilst drinking tea
M'oh this is good tea, i wish I had thumbs (in a gerbil voice)
by Lovejoy's Lovechild September 08, 2006
A guy whos is called mohammed but the 'PC' short version of his name.

Hes caring but unreliable, not an expert with women but he will learn with time, loves to smoke mary jane and would probably shag her too, loves his friends but he has too many acquaintances me classes as friends.
Moh is a good guy but wtf!
by toffe_skoffer July 03, 2013
People say it lyke, Money over hoes.
Bytch not doubt ill take dat M.O.H.
by nat from tha FLA November 09, 2006
1. Maid of Honor
2. Medal of Honor.
1. I wonder where the MOH is? She is 20 minutes late...
2. Oh yeah. He thinks he is so high and mighty because his dad got the MOH.
by twiddlededumb June 14, 2009
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