Moh is a cunt

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is finalising its Medishield reform plan for implementation on Jul 1, 2005. The main aim of the scheme is to protect Singaporeans against the financial burden of large hospital bills.
by Sandy February 15, 2005
medal of honor is a noobs game try cs.
Jalabad aka Hadley |>\/\//\/3|)
ph|_|(|<!/\/6 /\/008
by *|)!/\/ November 22, 2004
My Other Half

It's another word used for your significant other or perhaps just someone you're having a fling with.

It's similar to the term bae.

It's more of an Irish slang word
John: Who's that girl you've been pulling for the past few weeks?
Mark: Oh that's Jade, the new moh
by JohnNickleson July 28, 2016
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