1. Maid of Honor
2. Medal of Honor.
1. I wonder where the MOH is? She is 20 minutes late...
2. Oh yeah. He thinks he is so high and mighty because his dad got the MOH.
by twiddlededumb June 14, 2009
A word Paddy Bell made up which is used to show when he is to lazy to properly answer or respond.
lily-belle: i like spaghetti
paddy: moh
by Piddybee July 15, 2010
My Other Half

It's another word used for your significant other or perhaps just someone you're having a fling with.

It's similar to the term bae.

It's more of an Irish slang word
John: Who's that girl you've been pulling for the past few weeks?
Mark: Oh that's Jade, the new moh
by JohnNickleson July 28, 2016
month of hell
the last 30 days leading up to the end of school, which are crammed full of final projects, review packages, and exams.
boy: I have a science lab, book report, socials review, and spanish exam all tommorow. It must be MOH! fuck me :(

girl: okay
by keithsterftw! June 21, 2009
Means My Ovaries Hurt in short M.O.H
Dude I judo fliped that girl and punched her in the Ovaries then she just shouted M.O.H
by Lukeazade August 30, 2011
Stands for Move over Ho. Use when Someone refuses to get out of your way
MOH yous in my way.
by el barto simpsone November 07, 2010
A Word That's Used When Someone is Sucking Up Or "Meateating" Off Of An Individual
John Say Thats The Packers Suck, Jane Says, Yea They suck. Bob Says, "Moh, Get Off John's Meat.
by BigMeat17 December 26, 2009
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