A Man Hoe. A man, who, like a regular hoe, will do anything with two legs.
"OH my GAWD i heard joe slept with THREE the other week, what a moe.
by thegothicatheist February 11, 2010
A male homosexual - a contracted form of homo.
I saw a couple of moes holding hands in the theater.
by petey January 19, 2003
Blank clueless look.
Homer Simpson getting ripped of by Moe for the Flaming Homer. Spends all night looking blank and clueless, saying 'Moe, Moe, Moe..'
Met a few Indian co-workers with that clueless 'Moe' look from Homer Simpson.
Me Asking a question to a Moe co-worker:"Hey just start up notepad"

Co-worker: blank clueless look "what's notepad?"
by Justin March 15, 2005
It comes from the hindi word moh which means love. Moh is pronounced as moe and hence the spelling. due to cultural exchanges down the ages the word found its way into farout coultures and countries.
I moe dat gyal fe bits, maan!
by vikram singh May 18, 2004
The official Hanson fan club, stands for "middle of everywhere".
Hanson can't milk 'MmmBop' anymore, and need money, so they created Moe.
by xcarex November 03, 2003
The barkeep in the populour tv series;
"The "Simpsons".
Homer: "hey Moe, gimme a beer!".
Moe: "we're all outta beer, Homer!".
Homer: "d'oh!".
by person yo-yo July 15, 2003
Somekind of nowhere (see popjizmo)alcohol.
Sean Paul: "Bust another bottle of moe."
by prodigy July 09, 2003
it's the exact opposite of emo.
i'm so happy!i must not be emo.then i must be moe!
by letusbeus December 22, 2006

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