A shortened term of Homosexual, or Homo. A term used by fags to talk about each other. Of course fags can call each other fags, so they can call each other a moe.
Did you see Derek in that salmon sweater? He looks like such a moe!
by Paul Schwartz November 17, 2005
A mixture of crack cocaine and a Black
"I just saw Larry smokin' a Moe.
by Trav G August 01, 2005
a Victorian town in Australia that are known to be a little different
by keza April 01, 2007
Another term for shit.
I have to take a moe.
I gotta go moe.
by Allen J August 08, 2005
THE GOD! OF ROCK! AND ROOOLLL!!!!...Kickass person who can shoot a good movie (MoeSag Productions)
First Film "Agony" Hes a hit with the ladies, but is still single, cuz he plays the field
"Moe is the most radical person I know."
by Mike D!! December 08, 2004
Bastardization for quebeckers of "moi".
C't'à moé ça!.
Donne moé ça.
by Jonathan January 28, 2004
God of rock, also as hot of a bitch as you can get, drmmmer of a band, makes movie, kicks major ass, and is the smoatster....
I'm so Moe that I kick so much ass.

When girls talk about Moe they want to do him.
by Moe December 08, 2004

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