The fillmore district in the Western Addition in San Francisco. Big black neighborhood from post st. to market. Even consists of some west post projects and some Masonic street.
Messy and Jt are from the Moe.
by 1600EB February 14, 2005
champagne, as in Moët & Chandon
buss another bokkle a moe - Sean Paul
by paz July 17, 2003
To "do a moe" have two very distinctive meanings.

1. To slowly take over someone else's space without them noticing it.

2. To make someone believe you said something or had an idea which wasn't originally yours by changing the way the idea is said slightly.
Example #1:

"That guy is doing a moe. He's put all his stuff in my desk."

Example #2
Guy: "I think we should unplug the cable and the re-wire the office"
Moe: "No...that wouldn't work"
Moe: "Let's disconnect the cable and redo the wires in the office"
Guy: "That's what I just said, you just did a moe!!!"

by Duderiner September 03, 2007
A stooge. A not-very-bright person.
"I can't believe he did that. What a Moe!"
by Jerry in Destin, Florida June 10, 2006
One of a homo descent.
Doug is skipping down the street on a hot summers day. Doug makes a sudden stop. Doug bends down and says, "These roses smell beautiful!"

In this example, Doug is an official "MOE."
by Brian Preetz May 16, 2008
a word that a small town of shendo completely rose,it is slang for "homo", so you can just be like hey moe!!
hey,your such a moe you moe
by jrz456 March 04, 2008
The Dutch word for "tired."
Ik ben vreselijk moe, ik ga slapen.
by bl0rkatr0n January 24, 2007

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