Money over Bitches. Need I say more. When I was 17 I had my heart broken. I vowed to never be with a bitch from this point on. I'm now 31 years old and a Westside Whiteboy vet and see that women are cheaters even if they've been married for 8 years and have 3 children. Just ask my brother. Oh a bitch wanted me and I refused the bitch. Comes out the bitch is married and had 2 kids. Fuck Bitches M.O.B. for life. A Westside Whiteboy.
Cause a year ago you know you loved the bitch. Now your stomach's upset and your feelings are hurt. She got you feeling like an old banana peel in the dirt. Bitch ass mothafuckas. Why do you wanna bitch? You best believe she better have me on the payroll - have a bankroll - buy me a Benz and keep my tank full. Other than that I don't want no bitch. M.O.B. for life.
by Westside Whiteboy April 21, 2011
Term used in a game of skate to define a trick landed sloppy.
Dude, that trick doesn't count because it was so mob.
by darkstarcooley December 04, 2009
Make out Buddy or a Babe is your friend who you are not in a relationship but you still have sexual relationships with.
"Julia was busy making out with his MOB John at the party."
by Vladimir John July 10, 2008
means "money over bitches" or "member of bloods"
Yo dat nigga mob
mob any day
by April 14, 2007
Melee Over BR

It represents noobs in Halo that prefer to melee because there battle rife isn't worth crap.
wow. that noob is so MOB!
by The Yankees Fan July 22, 2009
To jack something or steal it. Also known as a come up.
Yo, theyve got some delicious sandwiches in that deli, lets go mob some.
by djcutabitch March 30, 2008
australian term for "mob"

definition; meaning a group of people.
"yeah, im going in a big mob to the mall."
"yeah, its just us mob."
"look at them mob"
by b a b ii - f l i p s t a h March 03, 2006
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