Members of Bloodz
gang members the dont like crabs
by kurupt February 09, 2003
To fight, usually with a large group of friends to back you up. Mostly said by bloods.
Homie1 "Let's Mob on dees niggas"
Me "Aite, ima stomp dat punk on da left"
Homie1 "Aite den, I got da skinny ass nigga on da right"
Homie2 "Aite den, I got da Rick James looking mutha fucka".
by Ghost_Killah October 18, 2007
Another word for "awesome", "cool", or "sweet".
"those shoes are pretty mob."

"those are some mobbin' kicks you've got there."
by charlieAK September 12, 2007
to walk somewhere
We had to mob all the way to school
by Josh October 22, 2003
taking or sharing something of someone else's.
Commonly used with "up"
Yo, let me mob up on your fries.
by Scott July 01, 2003
To jack something or steal it. Also known as a come-up.
Yo, theyve got some delicious sandwiches in that deli, lets go mob some.
by djcutabitch March 30, 2008
when skatboarding,
a semi-sucessful trick
dude A: sweet i landed a heelflip!
dude B: it was mob though, so it dont count
dude A: .....
by juggalo ryda September 04, 2006

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