A metowe MOBilizer.
A group of young people committed to changing the world.
We are the MOB. We are the masses. We are the movement.
by MOBilizer December 11, 2010
ok so this originally meant "member of bloods" but has been corrupted into some sort of masochistic and souless attempt to buy happiness for lack of love. Anyone who thinks material wealth is so much better than the love of a woman probably lacks both.
I don't know anything about girls, but I have like 7 dollars. I'm soo "m.o.b."!
by ababcdcdefefgg December 21, 2011
Abbreviation for Man of Boobs, slang for man-boobs.
Man, that guy is a total MOB.
by phssoccerdh April 03, 2009
Slang term meaning "We're the best."; can also mean that one is of the highest authority.
We MOB now mayne.
by Galbert-Kun January 28, 2009
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