Mother of the Bride
When you are gown shopping for your daughter's wedding, make it clear you are MOB!
by GoDressUp June 10, 2013
To move around a city or town with a group of your friends, causing a great amount of public disturbance; often involves old people frowning at you, and calling you "hoodlums".
"Hey Keenan, wanna mob tonight?"
"Carlin and I are gonna drive around and kick over trash cans tonight, wanna mob with us?" also see mobbin
by Kid HAM August 17, 2012
To travel a long distance
Me and Bobby went to a concert in Valejo, That was a mob from Tacoma.
by CrackizWhack24 January 17, 2012
Money Over Bitches
I decided to go 100% M.O.B. when I was 17. Got emotional with a break-up. Done with bitches. I am 31 now. 14 years M.O.B. was the best move I ever made. Scanless ass hoes cheating on their lover. Bitches 8 years married with 3 kids cheating on the poor lover with my homie. All I see is cheating. Fuck a bitch. I'm M.O.B. 4 LIFE homie. A Westside whiteboy for life.
by A Westside whiteboy April 13, 2011
Leave to go chill. Slang.
Yo let's mob!
Ye I feel ya. Leggo.
by Dddaps June 04, 2013
1. To steal.

2. To approach someone in a hostile manner, by oneself or in a group.

3. To attack someone, by oneself or in a group.
Me and my niggas are about to mob on those MH niggas after school. Squad!
by The Bars Major June 02, 2014
by AuRii'ana August 13, 2008

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