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The Colosseum is a historical theater located in Rome, Italy. In the days of the Roman Empire, emperors held public events in it. The Colosseum is an elliptical amphitheater which could seat up to 50,000 audience members, and had a special Emperor's Box from which the king of Rome himself could witness the shows.

The Colosseum was used mainly for gladiator tournaments, war reenactments, sea battle plays, and public executions. It also held occasional spectacles such as mock animal hunts, and dramas.
Tourist: Sir, when do we get to the Colosseum?

Tour Guide: That's our next stop.
by DictionaryDefinitionManiac February 23, 2013
Similar to the sexual position "the Eiffel Tower", except instead of two men high-fiving, it is multiple men in a cirle, creating a circular "building" with the high-fives making the arches.
Drew to male friends: I can't believe we all got to do a Colosseum last night! GG, check!
by Kailaaaaaaaa February 25, 2007
A six-way gangbang much like the Eiffel Tower, except there is another guy in the back and two more on either side getting handjobs, with all of their hands in together in the middle.
Dude when we colosseumed that girl i thought she was going to pass out
by EyycheEyyche May 30, 2013
The art of a man marrying adjoined twins with one body. One twin is a lesbian the other is straight and the sexual act between the four is called a Colosseum for its round shape.
Wow, Fred married adjoined twins and ones a lesbian and they engaged in a Colosseum!
by antilock January 29, 2011
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