adj or adv. really or a lot
1) My toe emits a mo putrid stench resembling burnt monkey sauce and dolphin ass.

2) I miss you mo!
by Michael Carrier July 27, 2004
A Mo is a codename for a morbidly obese person.
X: Hey check out that shit
Y: Yeah, thats one hell of a mo.
by Mr. Twango February 28, 2011
a person who has no personality, or the act of havingno intelligence what so ever
a joke that everyone clearly understands, a Mo would say something like OMG get it... wicked delayed
by cjh26 August 19, 2010
The act of Making Out with someone. There are many different variations of Mo-ing (i.e. the Slow-Mo, easy-Mo, whoa-Mo).
Did you Mo last night?

Yeah, Felix and I Mo-ed on the dancefloor. Definitely a slow-Mo.
by seriouslyawkwardturtle March 14, 2010
A slow person.
Short for Mo-mo.
I can't believe he just said that. He's such a mo.
by bizrisi February 11, 2010
Derived from the term "Homo" or "Homosexual" whereas the "Ho" beginning is used to describe the woman in a relationship with the gay man, subsequently named the "Mo"
Angela is the ho, and Sean is the mo.
by eugaet January 25, 2010
A Male HO or a guy who sleeps around with anything with legs, most likely for either personal gain or as a recreational sport
"Dang, that guy is a MO fo sho!"
by snookie007 August 18, 2009
A fly character also referred to as BDK. Smart and clever which is why he always puts down laith. look up laith definition. usually of African decent. never takes NO for an answer.
yo look at that dude man he's so mo.
by nappa man K June 10, 2009
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