adj or adv. really or a lot
1) My toe emits a mo putrid stench resembling burnt monkey sauce and dolphin ass.

2) I miss you mo!
by Michael Carrier July 27, 2004
Modus operandi (often used in the abbreviated forms M.O. or simply Method) is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as "method of operating" The term is used in English to describe someone's habits or manner of working, the method of operating or functioning. It is often used in a criminal sense, to profile the methods employed by individuals during the execution of a crime, and may also be used in offender profiling,2 where it can also be used to find clues to the perpetrator's psychology.3 It largely consists of the methods used to execute the crime, prevent detection, and facilitate escape.
What is the Perp's "M-O"???
What is your "M-O"???
by HRVAT1975 July 13, 2009
Short for Method of operation. Latin form "Modus expeditione." Meaning what one certain person is most noted for. A certain look, way of doing things or even attitude.

There is no latin word operandi
Stan: "who do i know that likes drinking and hates zombies?"
Nate: "Man, drinking and hating zombies?! Add pirates and thats my M.O."
by Andrew Von Doom September 12, 2005
Refers to a member of the Black Peace Stone Nation. A Mo is an abbreviated form of the word Moorish which refers to a Moor (a person of African descent). This name was adopted by the Black Stones when Jeff Fort (Chief Malik) restructured the BPSN nation to follow after Islam, specifically the Moorish Science Temple Muslims.
What up Mo? All Well Mo! What'z good mo?
by 5 Star Elite January 21, 2008
Someone who is a sexy beast or originates that of sexy beasts.
Woah....he is such a mo!
by Chuckster Norris March 11, 2010
Slang for a homosexual- short for "homo".
"You have 15 Barbra albums? You are such a 'mo".
by Duncan January 28, 2004
1. Short for homo(sexual)

2. Britney Spears's cologne for gays.
"I do girls... mostly"
"TOTAL MO!" (from the film Eating Out 2)
by byegye June 04, 2009
short for moron
Tell your boyfriend to stop being such a mo
by liljojo June 09, 2010

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