more, but to an exsesive extent!!!
mo ho's than wife swappin mothers meeting!!!
by princess D October 30, 2003
No means yes, yes means Mo.
"Yes. as in Mo."
by Mofro318 September 12, 2009
A Male HO or a guy who sleeps around with anything with legs, most likely for either personal gain or as a recreational sport
"Dang, that guy is a MO fo sho!"
by snookie007 August 18, 2009
The short form of saying homo. Meaning homosexual.
George Michael is a mo.

I have never seen a bigger mo than GLS.
by Shure Shure October 04, 2006
a generalized name for any individual; whether you know their name or not.
Hey Mo, what are you doing.
by Francis Manley August 07, 2006
A term used by black urban youths in DC. Can be used the same way "dawg" or "homie" is used.
Damn moe! I aint seen you in a minute!
by lowkee642 October 05, 2005
adj or adv. really or a lot
1) My toe emits a mo putrid stench resembling burnt monkey sauce and dolphin ass.

2) I miss you mo!
by Michael Carrier July 27, 2004
Homosexual -- Short for homo

Generally, derogatory
Dude... Paul is such a 'mo.
by Jeff December 27, 2002

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