money; aromatic plant used to flavor candy and such; confections flavored with mint
"some people need to have a fuqin mint before they open ther stank ass mouth one more tym..."
by go2sleep bia September 24, 2003
used by mancs to describe things that are good. they are fuckin idiots and dont realise how stupid they sound
Scouser:- did you see everton beat liverpool 3-0?
Manc:- yea it was mint!
Scouser:- fuck off you prick i was talkin to me mate
by Simundo September 15, 2006
(n.)A cool-tasting, aromatic herb that is virtually impossible to start from seed packets, but if you succeed it will invariably escape from its container, invade your garden, and transform your backyard (not to mention every backyard within the tri-state area) into a sea of minty goodness.
"Some more mint tea, dear?"
"I don't want any more mint tea!"
"Well there's mint jelly, lamb with mint sauce, mint candies, mint juliep, mint..."
by Laser Potato June 29, 2006
a person who is beyond sexy
yo man, that bitch is mint
by jack detoni May 19, 2005
mint:a really sexy girl

That centerfold playboy model is soo fucking mint!!
by m-in-t June 21, 2003
The area of skin on a woman's lower abdomen that should have pubic hair, but instead the hair has been shaved off for the purpose of wearing excessively low pants.
"Dude, those jeans are so low she's just showing the mint off to everybody."
by Pandalove August 30, 2008
gaming Alias; By many considered to be the best european sniper in the Call of Duty series.
mint fires off a mint shot
by twillburn April 23, 2008
Mint a word used to describe that something is good. If a item is mint it means it is really good product. Mint is also something that is eaten after dinner, or left on a pillow. Mints are also eaten when one's breath is terrible enough that people block their nose when talking to you.
For example
"That's a pretty mint truck dude!"
Person 1 "So how's your day going?"
Person 2 "Pretty Mint thanks for asking."
by MoonSunStar April 07, 2008

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