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Last name of famous jazz composer and artist, Charlie Mingus.
All of those cans referred to some artist or genre or other thing.
by Digs June 30, 2004
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a big fat round piece of pussy that hangs out of the panties
have you ever seen a mingus before
by Reginald January 08, 2003
A term of endearment used to address and/or describe a person or animal. Silly Mingloid, Youngest offspring of Monkey and Pingu Penguin.
Mingu pooped on the couch then hid the Dorito's from Burtle above the stove!!
But don't tell Burtle! No No No!!!
by Burtle November 15, 2007
A male dingus
My brother ran into the screen door. What a mingus!
by carat1 November 18, 2014

1.) This is when back sweat rolls down the crack of your butt, mixing with a dingle berry covered anus. Continuing it's journey to the ball sack and mixing the back, anus, ball sweat together thus creating the Mingus.

2.) If in the event any person cannot diagnos a sickness, disease, plague, or any other medical phenomenon the reserved word to be grammatically correct that should be used is Mingus.
Use 1:
Person 1: Your Mingus is out of control. It smells like a routing corps took a swim in a sewage plant then rubbed ball sweat all over itself.

Person 2: My Mingus is strong.

Use 2:
Person 1: I have no idea what is happening, everyone's eye's are falling out and their skin looks like leather and they are biting other people.

Person 2: I think they caught the Mingus.
by The Ross Man July 05, 2014
like the dew thereof
hey, select me some mingus dew.
by murphey May 07, 2003
Mingus Campbell the ex Lib-Dem leader who still hides behind "Menzies" because it looks more attractive on paper.
Reporter: Yo Mingus, why d'ya spell your name M-e-n-z-i-e-s, but still pronounce it like a rank vagina anyway?

Mingus: Erm, erm well you see rather than trying to pronounce an unattractive word on paper, in a more favourable light. I preferred to, in essence, do it the other way round! *grins proudly*

Reporter: Isn't that a bit, er, backwards?

Mingus: Actually it's a bit Scottish.
by LightningUT August 10, 2009

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