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a soft drink belonging to the bebop cola line of products.
hey, id really enjoy a refreshing mingus dew right now.
by murphey May 07, 2003
A reference to Season 1: Episode 9 of Sealab 2021. Murphy is trapped under an evil "Bebop Cola" vending machine. The soda he selected was called Minugs Dew, which probably references the American Jazz artist, Charles Minugs.
"Give me my damn Mingus Dew"
by Tad Winkler September 18, 2008
A spin-off of mountain dew from the cartoon series sealab. Used as slang for mountain dew. See also niggus dew
I think I am going to have me a miiingus deewwww...
by 666 July 28, 2003
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