A UK term meaning 'ugly'. The verb is 'mingin' The G is prounced with a hard sound (as in Gun).
Man, he's a real minger.


Man, he's really mingin.
by PeteGinis March 17, 2006
Plural of minger, a group of ugly people.
Wow, that party of computer nerds have alot of mingers in their midst
by chicky82 September 12, 2007
Ugliest of the ugly. Disgusting looking. A minger is someone whos very unnatractive. Also name of a site.. AmIaMinger.com where you can personally rate mingers!
A good example of a minger is on AmIaMinger.com Check out 'Philos'
by barneyc February 10, 2008
Descriptive noun. Someone who mings, or is minging, q.v.

1. someone who smells bad
2. an ugly person (used of people to whom your attention has been drawn by a friend, perversely as a potential mate.)
3. someone who has very recently been drunk. Cognate of rat-arsed.
NB: This description should not be used to describe someone as drunk, as you will probably be drunk yourself.
4. someone generally distasteful
This word is widely used in the North of England and Scotland.
"There's this lass I work with and she's a total minger!"
"No I don't fancy him, he's a complete minger!"
"You minger! You were completely rat-arsed last night!"
"Bouche and his cronies are complete mingers!"
by Richie December 11, 2003
A person who is unattractive or who has features of their personality that are not liked.

mingin' can mean something that is not liked, such as a horrible tasting food.
"He didn't fancy her because she was such a minger."
by notaminger! August 17, 2005
Someone who is utterly...UTTERLY horrible in appearance. They tend to want to make you vomit the more you see them or the more they speak to you. It is usually talking about ugliness...
Holy manoly that f**kin' minger is at my car again- she's hell ug but hey she don't have to give it to my ride!

God she's the worst damn minger I've ever seen!

by Yo bruddah September 17, 2003
Manly fingers; large fingers
Good lord of the dance, look at the size of Todd's mingers!
by mackdaddymitch September 13, 2009
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