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The cause of the stupid things you do while your high on marijuana
dave:"Dude you spilled my drink on my playstation biatch" roger: "Sorry man its the stonage"
by Brad May 17, 2004
being really high on marijuana!
stoner #1: It aint dat serious can stop laughing now...

stoner #2: *continues to laugh now even harder*

stoner #1: damnn kidd! thats some serious stonage!
by Eddie Acevedo April 02, 2008
Where 2 or more people smoke weed and have mad hot sex on a big bed while listening to bad underground metal.
Dude, let's have an Uber Stonage.
by Tyler Vicious July 10, 2008
a word that stoners use as a subtitute for ownege or pwnd.

(combonation of ownd, and stonerific)
haha stonage -takes a hit-
im baked
by vitocrab January 23, 2007

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