WHen a woman has intercourse or sexual relations with a man and she moves the penis in a jerking gesture just like durring sex a women rubs up and down on the penis to make sperm ejackulate like head, strawberry short cake, or buff or any other type of sex/dick related subjects. The woman moves the penis in a motion like milking a cow!!!
LIke last night i was having sex with Chloe she was milking the cow on me.
OMG Chloe yesterdayy i milked Joey really hard!
by Gigigan June 13, 2008
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When a girl is sucking a guys cock, while pulling on his balls one after the other until he shoots cum repeatedly in her mouth.
I was trying to hold it as long as possible, but when she started milking the cow I just erupted.
by bulletred December 28, 2007
Milking the cow can be used to describe attaining the absolute most from any given situation.

Sometimes called 'milking the cash cow', 'milking the cow' can also be applied to any franchises which continue to drain the public of as much cash as possible and attempt to attach the brand name to absolutely everything, be it cereal, video games, car adverts, tshirts, bedsheets, plush toys, action figures, computer accessories or anything else that would be seemingly unrelated.
my god, i keep seeing The Incredibles everywhere. Pixar are really milking the cow with that one
by Eddybean May 02, 2005
when someone sucks some fat bitch's tittys.
Guy1: Holy fuckballs! Rob is milking the cow!
Guy2: Haha no silly, he is just having fun with Mary.
by V-Po January 09, 2006
(v.) To be openly exploiting a situation for personal gain, at the expense of one's peers and superiors alike.
This person is milking the cow of sympathy, I dislike it when they claim to be so hard-done-by.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 06, 2004
When you jizz onto someone's legs then shove the cum back into you penis then cum it out again
Man I really milked the cow last night
ME TOOO!! Milking the cow is fun
by Cool person 5738774 May 21, 2015
pulling it. masturbating and ejaculating
I was thinking about that girl in studyhall when i was milking the cow last night.
by Richid August 30, 2006
A sex act where a guy cums on a girl's boobs then as he lies down with his mouth open, the girl wipes the cum from her boob into his mouth using motions similar to milking a cow.
I was milking the cow with Simon last night so I didn't have to swallow.
by loosecheeks December 30, 2011

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