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a kappa is a japanese water monster.

the kappa has a beak, webbed feet and a shell on its back and dwells under bridges, pouncing on any who attempt to cross the river. The kappa also has a bowl-like head, in which it keeps a small amount of water, and this is a key to apparently defeating this monster. when you are confronted by a kappa, your only hope is to make it bow to you, thus making the water fall out of its head and draining it of its power. strange, no?
here we are in japan. oh look, there's a river we must cross. good lord! a kappa! quick! make it bow to us!
by Eddybean May 02, 2005
Milking the cow can be used to describe attaining the absolute most from any given situation.

Sometimes called 'milking the cash cow', 'milking the cow' can also be applied to any franchises which continue to drain the public of as much cash as possible and attempt to attach the brand name to absolutely everything, be it cereal, video games, car adverts, tshirts, bedsheets, plush toys, action figures, computer accessories or anything else that would be seemingly unrelated.
my god, i keep seeing The Incredibles everywhere. Pixar are really milking the cow with that one
by Eddybean May 02, 2005
overly big, expansive. Ridiculously large. it can either be a adjective or a noun-
'That tent is mommonja'

'That tent is a mommonja'
by Eddybean May 02, 2005
a female who is particularly monkey-like in many ways. an affectionate nickname for a girl who may or not not be related to monkeys.
'hey, look, its monkey monkey sal'
by Eddybean May 02, 2005

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