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Having a guy ejaculate.

Made more famous (recently) by Ludacris' song.
If you hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow.
by sim simma December 03, 2004
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When a "non-farmer" city guy goes to his room to masturbate.
Hey dude, where you off to? I'm thinking about heading upstairs to milk the cow.
by ma6netic April 08, 2009
Milk the Cow. It can be used in any situation!
Gosh Claudia! Milk the Cow and get to work! You know you have a math exam tomorrow!
by thecowmilker April 24, 2011
When a fat woman or girl squirts out of their vagina
Tonight, the man plans on going to a club to find a fat chick cause he was in the mood to milk the cow.
by John the donkey November 03, 2009
Squeezing a boob.
if you hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow
by Morgan May 04, 2004

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