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TOOO is not flamboyant, it is when something is in the state of being TOOO much or TOOO anything, more than usual...can be used almost everywhere where anything is too to the extreme...
Girl 1 (looking good)
Girl 2: Girl, you are looking TOOO cute.
Boy 1: She looks ok.
Girl 1: Uh uh, you are TOOO brave saying that. I am defs looking TOOO cute.

On Gone With the Wind, that movie was TOOO long.
On a party pooper, he/she is TOOO lame.
On the weather, it is TOOO cold/hot/wet/windy/icy, etc.
On a funny joke, that is TOOO funny.
On beer pong, it is TOOO awesome.
On urbandictionary.com, it is TOOO defining.
by i_heart_nancy February 17, 2010
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