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As in "the land of", describing a place where luxuries are plentiful and easily aquirred; biblical reference to the promised land.
Recognizing the cheap smell of Old Spice and the glint of newly bleached alabaster teeth, the congressmen walked into the room of pandering lobbyists knowing they've landed themselves in the land of milk and honey.
by March 15, 2004
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A very good place, perfect.
A land flowing with milk and honey...
by Chad March 06, 2004
White sperm (milk) and yellow urine (honey), usually called thus when poured over the body or face, possibly into the mouth, of a female or gay porn star(let) as the final act of videotaped sex. Most people find this as disgusting as other kinds of salirophilia, for others doing, receiving or watching it is a fetish.
Last night I asked my girlfriend whether she would like some milk and honey – and she went for it! Next time I’ll give her chocolate.
by xov November 09, 2013
Two things offered in the "Promised Land" for the Isrelites. Involved in religion.
Let's walk through this fucking dessert to the land of milk and honey.
by Harry March 06, 2004
A song by an artist named Beck, on the album Midnite Vultures.
Milk and Honey! Falling down like money!
by Brosuf March 03, 2006
a small, chic and cozy bar/restaurant in london and nyc, that is slightly difficult to get into
"I have a table at milk and honey later, would you girls like to join me?"
by endy March 12, 2004
As in "land of"
I bitch slapped yo mama all over the land of milk and honey, bitch.
by Irish Cajun March 13, 2004

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