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Derives from the spanish language and often used as slang.
Mija is shorted from 'mi hija'. Which means my daughter.
It is the same for males. 'mi hijo', mijo.

It is not only used to refer to your children though, people use it referring to their homies, thier lady or their man.
B/f to g/f: Did you have a good time last night mija?

Father to daughter: Mija where'd you go last night?
by Valeria August 14, 2004
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"Mija" is short for "mi hija" which is Spanish for "my daughter"

Used to refer to your children.

Mija can also be used as slang between close friends, homies, etc, male to female.

Used between couples as well.

It can also be used to offend a male friend. It would be the equivalent of calling him a pussy.
1. "Mi hija is beautiful."

2. Male friend to female friend>>> "Hows it going, mija?"

3. Mario to Peach>>> "Wanna go out tonight, mija?"

4. Luis to Jose>>> "Whats up, mija?"
by Omaña January 22, 2011
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Mexican word
Could be used by a guy calling his girl mija like baby

by a parent to his daughter mijo for males
by yea March 03, 2004
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short for mi hija, which means "my daughter" but can also be used as slang between female friends as "girl, friend, etc."
¿Hola, mija, que onda?
Hey girl, what's happening?
by taina March 29, 2004
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¿Como estas, mija?

How are you, dear?
by MelindaStar July 27, 2016
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slang for calling your (male) friends a pussy.

(to a male friend) - Hey mija how are you doing?
by armor of ice January 13, 2009
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ex1: A beautiful name for a girl, pronounced like Mia.
Very intelligent, pretty, and classy.

ex2: Can be used in the Mexican way- mee-ha
Meaning Daughter.
ex1: Hey, Mija! You're awesome!

ex2: ¿Mija, puede ayudar usted con los platos?
Daughter, can you help with the dishes?
by authorman March 28, 2008
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